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We're Somewhere. We solve problems.

Some business problems require something more than business-as-usual solutions. Somewhere brings fresh perspective to fix the real things that need fixing.

We helped Target refine their brand strategy and launch a cartfull of new products & sub-brands with confidence. We worked with 3M to reinvigorate their employer brand and get stickier with marketing. We partnered with General Mills to cook up better international marketing and keep loved brands like Cheerios and Betty Crocker relevant. We geeked out with Best Buy to power up change management for their first brand overhaul in 30 years. We leveled up promo & seasonal marketing for Microsoft, Kodak and others with spicy returns on lean spends. For Allianz, we built smart software to help agents instantly quote insurance policies. Mall of America brought us on to build strong comms and PR muscles. We helped Arctic Cat create a wilder ecommerce experience and helped US Bank build a friendlier mobile one. When hometown favorite Caribou Coffee kicked off a rebrand, we brewed up audits and writing and designs.

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